Welding Safety

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Train your employees the hazards of welding and the correct procedures to follow to avoid these hazards.
Training Time: 26 Minutes


Welding is a very effective workplace technique used to fuse or cut metal, though it is not without dangers. Knowing the hazards of welding and following the correct procedures will help prevent personal injury, fatalities, and property damage. This course will cover welding-specific personal protective equipment, arc and gas welding, brazing and soldering, as well as the hazards they present. Lastly, this course discusses safety procedures used to minimize the exposure to different welding hazards.

Topics Covered:

  • Welding-specific personal protective equipment
  • Why different filter plates are used
  • The differences between welding types
  • Welding hazards

26 Minutes (16 min. video + 10 min. test)</p

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