Volatile Solvent Spill Response

SKU: C-935
Train your employees how to correctly respond to a volatile solvent spill.
Training Time: 18 Minutes

Spills involving volatile solvents are a unique class of spills. This is due to the fact that in addition to any damage and pollution directly caused by the spilled liquid, evaporation of a volatile solvent will contaminate the air in the vicinity with the gaseous form of the liquid. Because the vapors from most volatile solvents are flammable and toxic to some degree, the response to this type of spill must take the presence of the vapor into consideration.

Topics Covered:

  • Define the meaning of “volatility”
  • Describe the significant difference between a volatile solvent spill and a normal spill
  • Describe how to deal with the vapor of a solvent spill
  • Describe how to deal with the liquid portion of a solvent spill
  • Describe how to deal with a large scale volatile liquid spill

18 Minutes (11 min. video + 7 min. test)

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