Universal Waste Storage and Handling

SKU: C- 926
Train your employees about the storage, container labeling, handling, and spill cleanup of universal wastes.
Training Time: 31 Minutes

There are four main categories of universal waste: batteries, lamps, pesticides, and mercury-containing equipment. These special categories of hazardous wastes are meant to reduce the management burden and facilitate the recycling of universal wastes. This course will cover storage, container labeling, handling, and spill cleanup procedures for universal wastes.

Topics Covered:

  • List the four categories of universal waste
  • Describe universal waste requirements
  • Describe appropriate storage and handling procedures for each type of universal waste
  • Describe the hazards of universal wastes
  • List the materials required and steps taken to cleanup mercury and pesticide spills

Based on: 40 CFR Part 273

31 Minutes (19 min. video + 12 min. test)

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