Underground Storage Tank Requirements (UST)

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Train your employees about the requirements for underground storage tanks.
Training Time: 45 Minutes

Any tank, and associated underground piping, with at least 10% of its volume underground is considered an underground storage tank (UST). Until the 1980s, most USTs were made of bare steel, which easily corroded. This allowed the tank contents to leak into the environment and contaminate soil and groundwater. So, beginning in 1984, Congress passed a series of laws to address leaking underground storage tanks that contain petroleum or other hazardous substances. The federal UST program sets minimum operating requirements and technical standards for tank design and installation, spill and overfill control, leak detection and response, and corrective actions. This course will summarize underground storage tank regulations.

Topics Covered:

  • Describe the purpose of underground storage tank regulations
  • Identify a regulated underground storage tank
  • Describe the underground storage tank requirements
  • Identify the agency that enforces the regulations
  • Describe the purpose and function of common underground storage tank components
  • Describe methods to prevent leaks, spills, and overfills
  • Describe how to respond to a release
  • Describe corrosion protection methods
  • Identify the three underground storage tank operator classes and describe their responsibilities

Based on: 40 CFR Part 280

45 Minutes (28 min. video + 17 min. test)

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