Table Saw Basics

SKU: C-349B

Train your employees the basics about working with table saws in order to help avoid serious injuries.
Training Time: 20 Minutes


Table saws are essential tools used to accurately cut lumber and sheet materials like plywood and particleboard. This course discusses the location and function of the major components of a typical table saw and safety guidelines to follow while working on and around a table saw. It illustrates how to adjust the blade height and blade tilt, as well as how to square the blade and set the cut width. Understanding table saw basics will help you and your coworkers avoid serious injuries.

Topics Covered:

  • Table saw components
  • Safety guidelines
  • Installing and adjusting a table saw blade
  • Squaring a table saw blade
  • Setting cut width

Based on:

20 Minutes (12 min. video + 8 min. test)

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