Storage and Handling of Pesticides

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Train your employees about to understand the proper storage and handling needs of pesticides.
Training Time: 32 Minutes

Pesticides are used in many different applications to prevent, destroy, repel, and mitigate “pests.” A “pest” can be any plant or animal that endangers our food supply, health, or comfort. Because pesticides are toxic, they are inherently hazardous. To avoid their potential hazards, always review and follow the recommendations and precautions listed on pesticide labels and in SDSs, and adhere to the best practices presented in this course, plus any that have been established for your workplace.

Topics Covered:

  • Define “pesticide,” “pest,” “acute toxicity,” “chronic toxicity,” “LD50,” “early-entry worker,” and “restricted entry interval”
  • Describe major pesticide classes - herbicides, insecticides, molluscicides, fungicides, and rodenticides
  • Identify the major benefits of pesticides
  • Describe the roles of the EPA, WHO, and foreign governments in regulating pesticides and protecting workers
  • Identify pesticide exposure hazards for humans
  • List the information that is required on pesticide labels
  • List storage and handling best practices for pesticides
  • Identify who to contact if you have questions about pesticides or pesticide poisoning

Based on: 29 CFR 1910 (2016): Hazard Communication Standard

34 Minutes (21 min. video + 13 min. test)

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