Storage and Handling of Flammables

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Train your employees about to understand the proper storage and handling needs of flammable materials.
Training Time: 32 Minutes

GHS Category 1 and 2 Flammable liquids have flash points below 73.4 °F (23 °C), which means that they produce vapors that can ignite and burn at normal working temperatures if an ignition source is present. Their ability to self-ignite and to explode under certain conditions make them particularly hazardous. To safely store and handle flammable liquids, read and understand their labels and safety data sheets, and follow the best practices and regulations included in this course and established for your worksite or location.

Topics Covered:

  • Define the terms “flash point,” “boiling point,” “autoignition temperature,” “explosive limits”
  • Differentiate between “combustibles” and “flammables”
  • Describe how flammables and combustibles are classified or categorized
  • Describe OSHA’s HazCom Standard workplace requirements for hazardous chemicals
  • Describe how flammability is indicated on chemical labels
  • The characteristics of flammables which make them especially hazardous
  • List storage and handling best practices for flammable liquids

Based on:

  • 29 CFR 1910 (2016): Occupational Safety and Health Standards
  • NFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code

39 Minutes (24 min. video + 15 min. test)

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