Safety and Health - Basic

SKU: C-336B

Train your employees the fundamental elements critical to establishing safe work habits.
Training Time: 21 Minute


This course covers basic guidelines and best practices for safety in a variety of industrial workplaces. From identifying and avoiding common workplace hazards to housekeeping and incident reporting, this course provides the fundamental elements critical to establishing safe work habits for yourself and your team.

Topics Covered:

  • The need for and importance of safety at the workplace
  • How safety is a team effort
  • Hazard definition and identification
  • Methods for managing hazards
  • Reporting, first aid, and emergency preparedness

Based on:

  • General industry best practices and a range of OSHA safety standards

21 Minutes (13 min. video + 8 min. test)

PLEASE NOTE: All DVDs include a link printed on the inside cover for customers to download printable tests and other documents.

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