Safety and Health - Advanced

SKU: C-337B

Train your employees advanced concepts critical to establishing safe work habits.
Training Time: 22 Minutes


This course covers more advanced guidelines and best practices for safety in a variety of industrial workplaces. With safety topics including working around mobile equipment, hazardous chemicals, and moving machine parts, this course provides advanced concepts critical to establishing safe work habits for yourself and your team.

Topics Covered:

  • Working safely with machines, tools, mobile equipment, special jobs, chemicals, and difficult work processes
  • Machine guarding, E-stops, motion disconnects, and lockout/tagout policies
  • Tips for walking on slippery surfaces and in bad weather
  • Guidelines for personal protective equipment, clothing, and jewelry at the workplace

Based on:

  • General industry best practices and a range of OSHA safety standards

22 Minutes (14 min. video + 8 min. test)

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