Rights and Legal Responsibilities of Miners

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Train your miners what their rights and legal responsibilities including protection from discrimination and how to participate in and obtain inspections.
Training Time: 21 Minutes


According to MSHA's Part 46.2, a miner is any person, including any operator or supervisor, who works at a mine and who is engaged in mining operations. This course discusses miners rights and legal responsibilities including how they are protected from discrimination and how they can participate in and obtain inspections. It also provides information on compensation, training, and health protection. Consequences of false statements or representations are also discussed.

Topics Covered:

  • State the definitions of a miner and miners' representative
  • State your right to protection from retaliation for filing complaints and refusing to work in unsafe conditions
  • State your right to request and participate in mine inspections
  • List your rights relative to the development of safety standards and access to information
  • Describe your legal responsibilities as a miner

Based on:

  • 30 CFR Part 46.5.b.5

21 Minutes (13 min. video + 9 min. test)

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