Pressure Washing Best Management Practices

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Train your employees best practices when pressure washing and stopes to take to avoid polluting open water.
Training Time: 26 Minutes


Pressure washing generally refers to the practice of using water sprayed through a nozzle at high pressure to clean or strip material from various surfaces. This technique typically produces contaminated wastewater that can flow into a nearby waterway without proper intervention. This course describes pressure washing best practices and steps to take to avoid polluting open water.

Topics Covered:

  • Define pressure washing
  • Describe the equipment used for pressure washing
  • Describe some of the hazards present during pressure washing
  • Describe the primary environmental hazard posed by pressure washing
  • List some best management practices to mitigate the environmental impact of pressure washing
  • List some of the techniques used to increase the efficiency of pressure washing
  • Describe some methods of wash water collection
  • Describe some methods of wastewater disposal

26 Minutes (16 min. video + 10 min. test)

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