Night Shift Safety

SKU: C-964

Train your employees the hazards of extended or unusual work shifts and best practices for these shifts.
Training Time: 18 Minutes


Night shift work can expose workers to a range of hazards, including sleep deprivation, limited visibility, and changing weather conditions. This course discusses what constitutes extended or unusual works shifts and the hazards associated with work pattern changes. The dangers of sleep deprivation, as well as nighttime weather hazards, are also explained along with nighttime work area lighting needs, operating mobile equipment at night, and the best practices for working outside at night.

Topics Covered:

  • State the definition of extended and unusual work shifts
  • List common hazards of night shift work
  • Describe sleep deprivation causes, symptoms, and prevention
  • Describe how nighttime weather can affect working outside
  • List lighting needs for working outside at night
  • Identify best practices for working outside and operating mobile equipment during a night shift

18 Minutes (11 min. video + 7 min. test)

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