Maintenance Safety

SKU: C-530

Train your employees the best practices for safely maintaining and repairing equipment.
Training Time: 32 Minutes


Industrial facilities rely heavily on complex equipment. To run efficiently and effectively, the equipment needs regular maintenance. However, performing maintenance can introduce many safety hazards. This course addresses best practices for safely maintaining and repairing equipment.

Topics Covered:

  • The definition of "maintenance"
  • Examples of equipment maintenance in a production facility
  • General maintenance guidelines for workers
  • Typical hazards presented to maintenance workers
  • Three different methods to ensure the immobilization of equipment
  • Maintenance guidelines for vehicles
  • Safety guidelines for using hand tools
  • Safety guidelines for using power tools and cutting torches
  • Safety guidelines for welding, working on conveyors, and line breaking
  • Good housekeeping practices

32 Minutes (20 min. video + 12 min. test)

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