Ground Control Inspections at a Mine

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A ground control inspection is a documented, in-person examination of on-site terrain formations and locations that slope into working areas at a mine. As part of an ongoing ground control plan, these inspections help establish and reinforce prudent engineering design, reduce ground instability, and contribute to safer working conditions for miners and others on-site. This course covers the definition and purpose of a ground control inspection and includes examples of ground instability hazards, the definition of “angle of repose,” descriptions and examples of slope failures, and common ground control corrective actions. 

Topics covered:

  • State the definition and purpose of a ground control inspection 
  • List two primary hazards of ground instability
  • Define the term "angle of repose"
  • Identify and describe slope failure signs, types, and causes
  • List components of an effective ground control plan
  • List best practices for the preparation and performance of a ground control inspection for highwalls, benches, the pit, and spoil banks
  • Describe preventive measures to reduce ground instability hazards
  • List common ground control hazard corrective actions
  • List best practices for inspection and corrective action reports

Based on:

  • 30 CFR Part 77 - Subpart K

36 Minutes (22 min. video + 14 min. test)

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