First Aid - Tick Bites

SKU: C-962

Train your employees what a tick looks like, where they live, how to avoid being bitten, and first aid for tick bites.
Training Time: 15 Minutes


Ticks are small insects commonly found in grassy areas pretty much everywhere in the United States. They bite people and suck their blood; while doing so, they can transmit many dangerous diseases to the person they’re biting, with Lyme disease being the most notable. In this course, you’ll learn what a tick looks like and where ticks live; how to avoid being bitten by a tick; how to inspect your body for ticks; how to remove a tick from your body if you have been bitten; first aid for tick bites; symptoms of tick bites and serious reactions to tick bites; and tips for seeking medical care after a tick bite. 

Topics Covered:

  • State where ticks can be found in the United States 
  • Describe what a tick looks like 
  • Explain where ticks are commonly found 
  • Describe how ticks can make people sick 
  • Explain how to avoid tick bites 
  • Explain how to inspect yourself for ticks 
  • Describe how to remove a tick from your body 
  • List some symptoms of tickborne illnesses 
  • Explain when to get additional medical assistance for a tick bite

15 Minutes (9 min. video + 6 min. test)

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