First Aid - Sprains and Strains

SKU: C-504

Train your employees what sprains and strains are and explain the "RICE" method of treating sprains and strains.
Training Time: 15 Minutes


Sprains and strains aren’t the most serious injury a person can experience at work, but they are among the most common. This course explains what sprains and strains are, explains the RICE method for treating sprains and strains, and gives tips on when a person with a strain or sprain should seek additional medical care.

Topics Covered:

  • Explain what sprains and strains are 
  • List some ways to prevent sprains and strains 
  • List and describe the four steps of the RICE first aid method for a sprain and strain 
  • List some reasons to get additional medical care for a sprain or strain

15 Minutes (9 min. video + 6 min. test)

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