First Aid - Spider Bites

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Train your employees how to identify dangerous spiders, proper precautions, first aid, and calling for qualified medical treatment.
Training Time: 21 Minutes


Spider bites are typically minor issues, but they can be more serious. And that’s especially true in the U.S. if the spider is a black widow, a brown recluse, or a hobo spider. In this course, you’ll learn basic first aid for minor spider bites. In addition, you’ll learn what black widows, brown recluses, and hobo spiders look like; where in the U.S. they tend to live; the kind of areas they’re commonly found in; why they tend to bite and how to avoid their bites; proper PPE to wear when in an area they may live in; symptoms of their bites; first aid for their bites; and the importance of calling for qualified medical care if one of these three spiders has bitten someone.

Topics Covered:

  • List some ways to avoid being bitten by a spider 
  • List some first aid steps for a person with a minor spider bite 
  • Identify and describe three poisonous spiders found in the United States 
  • Explain where each of those poisonous spiders commonly lives 
  • List some symptoms of bites from three poisonous spiders in the U.S. 
  • Explain proper first aid for serious spider bites from poisonous spiders

21 Minutes (13 min. video + 8 min. test)

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