First Aid - Scorpion Stings

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Train your employees where scorpions live, what they look like, tops for preventing scorpion bites, symptoms of a bite, and how to provide first aid.
Training Time: 13 Minutes


Scorpions can be found throughout most of the United States. However, the only scorpion commonly thought to be dangerous to a healthy adult is the bark scorpion, which is typically found in the Southwest. In most cases, a scorpion sting calls for only some minor first aid and perhaps some rest. But bites from a bark scorpion, or bites to children, elderly, or ill people, may require additional first aid. This course explains first aid for a scorpion bite. It also explains where scorpions live and what they look like; gives tips for preventing scorpion bites; and explains the symptoms of scorpion bites.

Topics Covered:

  • Describe what a scorpion looks like 
  • Explain where in the United States scorpions live 
  • Explain the type of areas where scorpions tend to be found 
  • State where the only potentially fatal scorpion in the United States lives 
  • List some tips for preventing scorpion stings 
  • List some symptoms of mild reactions to scorpion stings 
  • Explain proper first aid for mild scorpion stings 
  • List some symptoms of severe reactions to scorpion stings 
  • Explain proper first aid for severe reactions to scorpion stings

13 Minutes (8 min. video + 5 min. test)

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