Equipment Hazards at a Mine

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Train your employees about the types of equipment they will encounter when working at a mine and what safety precautions to take.
Training Time: 40 Minutes


Unexpected contact with powerful mobile equipment and moving machine parts at a mine can cause serious injuries and even death. This course discusses common mobile equipment hazards, haul road design, traffic patterns, and other traffic control measures. It illustrates some visual limitations that machine operators experience, including blind spots, the six foot visibility point, and grade visibility. The importance of stationary equipment clearance, guarding, and immobilization are also covered.

Topics Covered:

  • State the importance of safety around powered haulage and mining machinery
  • List common rules for avoiding injuries and fatalities around mobile equipment
  • Describe common surface mine haul road design, traffic patterns, and right of way rules
  • Describe the "six foot visibility point"
  • Identify mobile equipment hazards and describe best practices for avoiding them
  • Identify stationary equipment hazards and describe best practices for avoiding them

Based on:

  • 30 CFR Part 46.5.b.2

40 Minutes (25 min. video + 15 min. test)

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