Crystalline Silica Awareness

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Train your employees on the hazards of crystalline silica in the workplace and how to avoid exposure.
Training Time: 37 Minutes

Crystalline silica is a form of silicon dioxide which occurs naturally in the Earth's crust. When it is broken up by high energy activities into small airborne respirable particles, it can cause serious health hazards when inhaled. The symptoms caused by inhalation may not be immediately apparent. It is critical that individuals working around crystalline silica are knowledgeable of its physical properties, understand its safety risks, and know how to effectively avoid exposure. With the proper protective measures, training, and PPE, exposure to respirable crystalline silica can be reduced to the point that it is no longer a health threat to those who must work around it.

Topics Covered:

  • Identify materials which are capable of generating crystalline silica in the workplace
  • List some industries associated with crystalline silica
  • List the diseases caused by crystalline silica exposure
  • Describe the effects of the diseases caused by exposure
  • Describe how to avoid exposure to crystalline silica
  • Differentiate between engineering controls and administrative controls
  • Describe specific engineering and administrative controls for limiting exposure
  • Identify appropriate personal protective equipment to help prevent exposure
  • Describe the correct steps to take in case of an exposure emergency

Based on: OSHA CFR 29 Part 1910.1053

37 Minutes (23 min. video + 14 min. test)

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