Conflict Management

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Conflicts are inevitable, learning to resolve conflict is important to a productive and satisfying work environment.
Training Time: 23 Minutes


When people work together, there will inevitably be disagreements. Some of these disagreements are minor, but some can turn into major conflicts. If conflicts are not resolved, they can lead to long-term tension and unhappiness amongst employees. This course illustrates how to resolve conflicts using the SLOW method, reasons for different points of view, and tips for face-to-face communication. Following the ideas in this course can help your team use conflict situations as an opportunity to solve work or personal problems, and therefore become more productive and unified.

Topics Covered:

  • What workplace conflict is
  • The positive and negative aspects of workplace conflict
  • How people communicate
  • How to work with other people to resolve problems
  • When to involve supervisors
  • The best type of interactions for resolving conflicts and avoiding misunderstandings

23 Minutes (14 min. video + min. test)

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