Chlorine Dioxide Awareness

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Chlorine Dioxide is used in pulp belaching and water treatment processes. Understanding proper PPE and standard safety procedures is critical.
Training Time: 21 Minutes


Chlorine dioxide, or ClO2, is a chemical compound that is commonly used in pulp bleaching and water treatment processes. Because it is very unstable and can react violently, ClO2 poses a number of health hazards. Working with or around ClO2 is sometimes unavoidable however, so it is critical that you use the proper PPE, follow standard procedures, and know how to handle leaks, spills, and other emergency situations.

Topics Covered in This Course:

  • Description of chlorine dioxide
  • Common uses of chlorine dioxide
  • PPE and handling requirements
  • Exposure and toxicity
  • Health hazards and effects
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Emergency response procedures

Based on:

  • Industry best practices
  • Contributions by Anthony Evatt and Melody Baeza, of Rayonier Inc.

21 Minutes (13 min. video + 8 min. test)

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