Bioremediation Tactics

SKU: C-940
Train your employees about bioremediation tactics used to break down hazardous substances.
Training time: 34 Minutes

Bioremediation refers to a set of processes which involve the use of living things to break down hazardous substances in the environment into less toxic or non-toxic substances and restore contaminated soil or water to its original unpolluted state.

There are many methodologies which fall into the category of bioremediation. All involve living organisms. Some work by stimulating or enhancing the inclination of certain microorganisms to break down undesirable, polluting substances. Other methods involve the use of fungi or plants to achieve the same purpose.

Topics Covered:

  • Define the terms “bioremediation,” “biostimulation,” and “phytoremediation
  • Explain the mechanism which underlies bioremediation
  • Describe the difference between “in situ” and “ex situ” remediation
  • Describe the advantage of in situ treatment
  • List some of the ex situ treatments
  • Describe the mechanism of mycroremediation

34 Minutes (21 min. video + 13 min. test)

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