Anhydrous Ammonia Awareness

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What is anhydrous ammonia is, how is it used in general industry, and what are safety practices when working with anhydrous ammonia?
Training Time: 23 Minutes


Anhydrous ammonia is a chemical compound composed of nitrogen and hydrogen that has been liquefied and compressed into a gas. It is used as fertilizer, in power plants, and as a refrigerant. This course describes what anhydrous ammonia is and how it is used in general industry. This course also discusses the permissible exposure limits of anhydrous ammonia, the personal protective equipment that should be worn when working with or around anhydrous ammonia, handling precautions, as well as emergency response procedures.

Topics Covered:

  • The physical properties of anhydrous ammonia
  • Common uses of anhydrous ammonia
  • Health hazards and effects from exposure
  • The proper personal protective equipment for handling anhydrous ammonia
  • Safe handling requirements
  • Spill and leak containment procedures
  • Emergency response procedures for exposure and fire fighting

23 Minutes (14 min. video + 9 min. test)